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The ICoMLOS served as a prominent international forum for scholars, researchers, experts, and policymakers in the fields of management, leadership, and organisational sciences. The purpose of this conference is to foster multidisciplinary discourse and collaboration in the areas of Management, Leadership, and Organisational Sciences. The focus was on advanced research and new approaches to improve the quality of life by applying practical and theoretical knowledge. ICoMLOS, dedicated to the Indonesian academic community, arranged this event with the purpose of promoting research, providing technical assistance, and sharing information through top-notch journals. The conference's Call for Papers encompassed a diverse range of subjects, with a particular emphasis on sustainable development and various facets of business and marketing in the tourism sector. These included corporate social responsibility, business innovation, strategies for marketing through social media, ethical considerations, corporate governance, e-Tourism, hospitality management, eco-tourism, strategic management, cultural dimensions of food in tourism, branding, the Halal food industry, Shari’ah principles in business, and entrepreneurial aspects of tourism.

Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022): November
Published: 2022-01-10


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